Pre-Registration for Next Term

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss their study abroad plans and anticipated courses that they may take upon return to Emory.  Students will register for the academic term in the same manner (via OPUS pre-registration process).

For semester students, most Emory students abroad will have internet access and are responsible for pre-registration while abroad. You are responsible for making sure you know your login ID and password prior to departure. Emory College Study Abroad will notify you of pre-registration dates and information via email several weeks before pre-registration. You will also be able to access the Course Atlas online. If you wish to pre-register for courses with permission, you will need to contact the department directly to obtain a permission number for OPUS.  Emory College Study Abroad is not involved in pre-registration at Emory; we only send friendly reminders about the process.

If you have limited access to the Internet while overseas, Emory College Study Abroad recommends that you designate someone in the U.S. (a friend or family member) to log into OPUS and register on your behalf.