Course Approvals

It is Emory College Study Abroad policy that you obtain approval for ALL classes you take abroad. You cannot take classes for which approval is not granted.  As part of the application process, students will need to complete the following forms online.

Important Online Forms

Study Abroad Blanket Approval Form
Study Abroad Course Approval Form
Academic Advisor Approval Form

Pre-Approval of Courses

You should seek approval for courses prior to departure -- the online forms are due to Emory College Study Abroad by March 1st for Fall and Year programs and by October 1st for Spring programs.  Credit approval can take place in two ways, and many students will use both methods of obtaining approval for the courses they take while abroad:

1) Blanket-approved courses
For some programs, "blanket approvals" from academic departments are on file in the OISP Blanket Approval Database. Overseas courses listed in this database are not guaranteed to be offered during the term you plan to study abroad. Check directly with the host program or overseas institution for the official catalog of classes. When a course has been blanket-approved, it indicates that you do not have to go to a department and seek approval for that particular course overseas. If the course is listed on the host program or overseas institution's official catalog of classes AND on the blanket approval database, you will complete the Study Abroad Blanket Approval form- the course approval is automatic.

Study Abroad Blanket Approval Form

2) Non Blanket-approved courses
If you would like approval for any course NOT on the blanket approval list, you must complete the Study Abroad Course Approval form.  The form includes the title of the course and course description or syllabus. The form will be sent to the designated Faculty Study Abroad Representative in each academic department.  The departmental representative will review your choices and determine if there is an Emory course equivalent and the type of credit to be earned (major, minor, GER, or elective). It may take several days or up to 2 weeks for departmental approval. A record of all approvals will be saved to the "Documents" section in your online study abroad application. (Course approval requests that are denied will be emailed to you). It is advised that you get approval for many different courses that you may be interested in taking, as this gives you maximum flexibility when constructing your course schedule while abroad. The more you do before you go, the less you have to stress about the course approvals once you are abroad.

Note: On certain Emory-approved semester study abroad programs, eligible students may have the opportunity to engage in an internship for academic credit. The programs listed here offer an internship option for students.  In order to receive credit, students must: (1) Complete and submit this form to their Study Abroad Advisor and (2) Complete a Study Abroad Course Approval Form for the Internship and submit it to the appropriate academic department at Emory College.

Study Abroad Course Approval Form

Academic Advisor Approval Form

All students must obtain an approval from their faculty academic advisor in the major department.  In the case where you have a double major, you should complete this form twice to request approvals from both faculty members.

Academic Advisor Approval Form

Approvals While Abroad

If you enroll in courses that have not been approved after you arrive on-site to your program, you must request approval for the course. You are advised to take care of all outstanding approvals during this period -- do not wait until you return to Emory. You can use the same Study Abroad Course Approval Form described above to request additional approvals while you are abroad.

Save the Syllabi

You should keep copies of all syllabi, coursework, papers, and exams in case you need to verify your work with Emory faculty when you return. (Some academic departments only provide provisional approval for study abroad courses and request to see this work upon your return to finalize the course approvals.)

Deadline for Approvals

You have one semester following the study abroad experience to submit any outstanding approvals to Emory College Study Abroad. If, by the end of that semester, you have not submitted the approvals, a grade of "F" will be posted to your transcript for each class in question. If you have provisional approval for a study abroad course but do not obtain and submit final approval by fulfilling the requirements as specified by the Faculty Study Abroad Representative, a grade of "I" will be posted to your transcript for the course. You then have until the end of the deferred exam period of the next semester (approximately the third week of the semester) to resolve the "I" for "Incomplete" or it will become an "IF" grade.

Academic Policies

Students must abide by the Academic Policies of Study Abroad Semester Programs.  Contact your Study Abroad Advisor if you have questions about these processes.