Summer Study Abroad- Emory faculty-led summer study abroad programs

Students who wish to meet with an advisor to discuss summer study abroad must first attend a Summer Going Global Session.

Summer Going Global Sessions are currently on hiatus until Fall 2020. Please check back for an updated schedule.
After attending a Summer Going Global, you are able to request a meeting with an advisor for any additional questions. See below to find the advisor for your program.
  • Jessica Mrase: Argentine Studies, Brazilian Studies, European Politics, French Studies, German Studies,  Italian Studies, Portuguese Studies
  • Katherine Culley: Art History, Biology in Australia, Chinese Studies, Environmental Field Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies
  • Sarah Knight: Arabic Language and North African Studies, Iberian Studies, Psychology in the British Isles, Sociology-Comparative Health
  • Kate Dawson: Chemistry Studies, Economics at LSE, Human Health, NBB in Paris, Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences
  • Laura Ochs: British Studies

Global Internships- all cities

  • Initial Advising: Students who wish to meet with an advisor to discuss Global Internships must first attend an Intern 101 Session. These sessions will be held in Candler Library, room 216, and will last around 30 minutes.  If the session times do not work with your class calendar, then you may directly schedule a one-on-one advising (see below). Session times are listed here.
  • Follow-Up/One-on-One Advising: Schedule an appointment with a Global Internship Advisor.  Oxford students may provide a phone number for phone advising. 

International Transient Study- international students studying in their home during the summer after freshman year