Emory Study Abroad Photo Contest


Each Spring semester, Emory College Study Abroad holds a photo contest for students who studied abroad the previous year.  The study abroad returnees are limited to three photo submissions that should reflect the categories of that year's contest.  The photos are reviewed by a panel of judges based on their category, caption, aesthetic value, and technical quality.  Photos are either taken by the student or are a picture of the student themselves.

Students who studied abroad during the 2018 calendar year (spring, summer or fall of 2018) were invited to submit photos for the 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest.  Winners were announced during the Photo Exhibition on April 5, 2019. 

Visit the Cox Computing Center to see the winners from the 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest Exhibition! Or you can see all past photo submissions in our Flickr gallery.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Emory College Study Abroad Photo Contest to be announced in January 2020!

All photos were submitted in original, high quality and in JPG format (high resolution of 300 dpi). Unedited photos are preferred. Minimally edited photos are accepted.
All photo contest entries become the property of the Emory College Study Abroad Office. By submitting your photo(s), you permit the Study Abroad office to use them to promote programs in print or electronic media.
All photo submissions must be deemed ethical by the Study Abroad Office which relies on the NPPA Code of Ethics.