Non-Emory Study Abroad Programs

If students cannot identify an existing Emory-approved study abroad program that meets their compelling academic needs, they may submit the Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition to request approval to receive transfer credit from another study abroad program.  All petitions are reviewed by the Education Abroad Committee (EAC), and the decision of the EAC is final.

Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition Process

This process includes the following steps:

  • Research your current study abroad options, including consideration of current Emory-approved programs available to students.

  • Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor who is responsible for non-Emory study abroad program petitions.

  • Meet with your academic advisor in your home department to discuss your plans in the context of your major/minor, GERs, and general academic career. 

  • Also meet with an Faculty Study Abroad Representative in the department(s) for which you seek transfer credit to get their approval for classes that you plan to take on your non-Emory program.

  • Complete the online petition application.  This petition must clearly demonstrate a strong and compelling academic reason for studying on a Non-Emory program and for requesting an exception to current Emory College Study Abroad policies.

Your petition will be evaluated by the Education Abroad Committee based on the following criteria:

  • strong academic justification for not studying on an already approved Emory College Study Abroad program;

  • the academic rigor and quality of the non-Emory program;

  • the appropriateness of your non-Emory study abroad program plan to your overall academic plan at Emory;

  • the strength of your academic preparation at Emory;

  • the level of cultural immersion or integration in the non-Emory program host country and;

  • the quality of the match between your academic goals and the opportunities that the non-Emory program offers.

A SPECIAL NOTE for Summer Applicants: Students petitioning for a program during the summer semester must choose a program with at least two required courses (minimum 6 credits). Programs that entail only one course will not be considered.

Students or their representatives may NOT appear before the EAC in person. Petitions must be submitted by the deadline; late petitions are NOT accepted, and retroactive credit will NOT be given. 

If you obtain approval from the Committee to study abroad on a Non-Emory program, you will:

  • remain registered at Emory as an off-campus student;

  • only receive general transfer credit (no grades will be transferred) for approved courses taken on the program;

  • be able to utilize federal and state financial aid if eligible, although Emory grants or scholarships cannot be applied.

Emory University and Emory College Study Abroad are not responsible for any aspects of non-Emory study abroad program billing/invoicing. Students whose non-Emory program petitions are approved by the EAC are fully responsible for paying all non-Emory study abroad program provider costs, including tuition, tuition-related fees and housing (room and board) charges.

If a student is not approved for the non-Emory program, he/she may meet with an Emory College Study Abroad Advisor to explore other options.

Applications and Deadlines

Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition submission deadlines can be found through the link below to the online form for the petition.

Contact Laura Ochs, with further questions.
Non-Emory Study Abroad Petition (online form)