Summer Financial Aid

Emory undergraduates who qualify for financial aid during the regular academic year are considered by the Office of Financial Aid for a summer aid award after registration in summer study abroad classes. No additional application is necessary. The amount of the award depends on the number of credits and current financial aid package. Summer financial aid awards range from 35% of tuition to 80% of tuition. (Students taking 12 credit hours will receive the same amount of aid as for 8 credit hours.)

Financial Aid Office Contact

Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid if they have any questions about their eligibility or for information about the specific award.

LaShawn Barnes
Office of Financial Aid

If you are intending to use a loan to finance your summer study abroad program, you should start the application process as soon as possible after acceptance to the program. Approval of the loan must be received by the Office of Financial Aid no later than the summer study abroad payment deadline; otherwise, your participation on the program may be jeopardized if your program is not paid in full by this deadline.

Eligible students may apply their Emory Courtesy Scholarships toward the academic fee portion of the program cost.