Emory Credit and Cost Policy

Emory programs and Emory-affiliated programs are administered by Emory College or by other institutions through special agreement with Emory. All Emory and Emory-affiliated programs are thoroughly reviewed by a faculty committee and the Center for International Programs Abroad. They are generally run during the academic year and, depending on the specific program, may run for one semester or for the entire academic year. The goal of these programs is to provide Emory students with a study abroad experience that includes a high degree of integration into local culture and student life. If students participate in one of these programs, they:

  • remain fully registered at Emory while they are abroad,

  • receive direct Emory credit for courses taken,

  • take full financial aid and/or Emory Scholarships with them.

Since students are fully enrolled at Emory and receive Emory credit, they pay regular Emory tuition for participation in an Emory or Emory-affiliated program. Emory tuition covers all the academic costs of the program, which may differ from Emory tuition. This payment is regardless of the cost advertised and charged by the program itself. Students pay non-academic costs (i.e. room and board) in part or in full to Emory through a Program Fee or directly to the study abroad organization or overseas institution depending on the program.

Please see the program descriptions for the most up-to-date list of charges for specific programs. This system is designed to enable the University to offer students study abroad opportunities on the same basis that they attend Emory. It allows them to make regular progress toward the degree and to carry financial aid and scholarships with them. It also gives Emory the opportunity to exercise greater oversight of the study abroad experience and to better advise students planning to go abroad. This ensures that the study abroad experience of an undergraduate is commensurate with the quality of education he/she is receiving at Emory. Since the implementation of this system, study abroad has become available to many more students and the number taking advantage of this possibility has almost tripled.