Summer Abroad Credits

Emory College Study Abroad summer programs are courses designed by Emory faculty.  Students earn 4 credits per course taken abroad.  In most cases, students earn 8 credit hours (or 2 courses) worth of credit.  Each program description provides information on courses taught on the program. The courses have already been assigned an Emory course number that corresponds with the Emory Course catalog.  Courses may count towards general education requirements and/or major requirements, depending on the specific course. All courses are posted on the Emory transcript and the course grade is factored into the student's overall GPA.

Emory Summer School (on-campus) and Emory College Online

You may enroll and take an Emory College Online course if the dates of the online course do not overlap with your summer study abroad program dates. You may not take an online course while you are out of the country on a summer study abroad program. You may enroll in  Emory Summer School (on-campus) courses either prior to your departure or when you return.

If you intend to participate in study abroad AND enroll in Emory Summer School (on-campus or online), please indicate this on your summer study abroad application and contact